Inauguration Bert Mobil 1 TPD food waste biogas plant

Ms. Karin Stoll, Consular General, German Consulate in Chennai inaugurated yesterday a Bert Mobil biogas plant made with German Technology & Indian Engineering. 1 to 1,5 ton of food waste / day will be processed. Biogas can be used for cooking in the next door cantina or to produce power with the 5 kW CHP (40.000 kW/h / year). The plant can be expanded. Leasing of Bert Mobil biogas plants in India will make it much more attractive to people use biogas now. Leasing will be a game changer in biogas! In India the 1 TPD leasing starts from less than 1 lakh / 650 € / 740 USD. For more information check out our video on Youtube:  For more details check videos 1-4