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bert-slurry only AD plants offer a unique technology. The Power Of Nature (PON technology) is used to mix the substrates in the digester. These natural forces help saving on operational cost and investment. It allows to build small plants e.g. 30 kW. No other biogas system is using the PON mixing. Thus bert offers a unique technology which is optimized for liquid fermentation and small plants.

The construction design of the concrete digester allows the generated biogas to mix the substrates. This happens automatically and continuously. We call it the „Schwip-Schwap“ technology. Furthermore to this, the unique heating system with our TGL’s technology adds an additional mixing system. The TGL technology is comparable to the old-fashioned immersion heater system.

Nature works for our customers and helps saving on investment and operating cost.

bert technology was designed to use minimal moving parts and allows operation with minimal amount of time (15-30 minutes per day). This concept reduces maintenance cost. All plant components are standardized, consequently service and maintenance is straightforward and can be quickly trained by our Franchise Partners.

Integration of bert systems in the farm slurry management allows additional savings as shown in the animation below: Slurry comes fresh and continuously from the barn to the pre-pit. From the pre-pit the substrate is automatically and regularly feed into the digester. The mixing in the digester happens also automatically through the power of nature. The digested substrate is pushed out automatically into the storage pit.

bert has received international awards and recognitions.