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Conventional Tanks

We offer our Bert Franchise Partner various standardized tank sizes from 200-1.500 m³ with special Bert technology. Starting from 9 tons/ day conventional tanks can be more attractive than Bert Mobil solutions.

In Germany many 300 m³ tanks have been build for farmers with 150-400 cattle. Other countries have built larger tanks.

Bert kw/h output can be adjusted to the customers needs. This allows attractive pay-back periods and small investments.

bert models overview:

We offer various sizes of fermenters (digesters) in combination with different sizes of CHP engines (Combined Heat and Power). The typical combinations are: 300 m³ /30 kW, 400 m³ /40 kW, 500 m³ /50 kW and 600 m³ /75 kW. Other combinations are possible and are depending on your substrates. The combinations marked with X are the most frequently sold in Europe.


Of course two fermenters can be used for larger quantities of substrates, e.g. 30.000 m³ of substrates per year.