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Overview 1,5 TPD food waste Bert Mobil biogas plant in Tada Sri City

Mass production has started – Bert Mobil goes global

May 2022

We are proud to announce that Bert Mobil is now going global. After our first installations in India, now Bhutan and Honduras will get our 1,5 TPD plant. In Bhutan, food waste from a college will be used to produce cooking gas and fertilizer. Students will be trained on biogas. In Honduras we will install the 1,5 TPD plant (BM plus CHP) with our Franchise Partner at a cow farm.


Bert welcomes Co-genergy Corp – new Franchise Partner in Canada

July 2021

We are welcoming Co-genergy, a Canadian company in Calgary to our Bert Franchise Partner Family. Co-genergy Corp. offers cogeneration and trigeneration projects as turnkey solution providers throughout Canada. Co-genergy is representing TEDOM and YANMAR CHP’s. Chris Cilia, President of CO-GENERGY, has a lot of experience with CHPs in Canada but also with farming. His background fits very well with our plans to sell Biogas solutions in Canada.  Canada’s climate and remote locations offer various challenges where we are proud to have an experienced partner.


Inauguration Bert Mobil

Klick picture to see 1 min. video

Inauguration Bert Mobil 1 TPD food waste biogas plant

April  2021

Ms. Karin Stoll, Consular General, German Consulate in Chennai inaugurated yesterday a Bert Mobil biogas plant made with German Technology & Indian Engineering. 1 to 1,5 ton of food waste / day will be processed. Biogas can be used for cooking in the next door cantina or to produce power with the 5 kW CHP (40.000 kW/h / year). The plant can be expanded. Leasing of Bert Mobil biogas plants in India will make it much more attractive to people use biogas now. Leasing will be a game changer in biogas! In India the 1 TPD leasing starts from less than 1 lakh / 650 € / 740 USD. For more information check out our video on Youtube:  For more details check videos 1-4

FINAME is available for Bert Mobil biogas plants

Bert Mobil got FINAME in Brazil

March 2021

We are proud to share that Bert Mobil biogas plant got FINAME in Brazil. This will allow now easy financing of Bert Mobil biogas plants and is opening new opportunities. Bert Mobil is the first complete biogas plant with German technology made in Brazil that can be financed by FINAME. Small biogas projects now will become much more viable. Contact Bert do Brazil for further information:

1 ton/day Bert Mobil biogas demo plant starting now

Klick picture to understand the PON mixing system

Klick picture to understand the PON mixing system

Bert Mobil demo plant

Nov 20

1 ton/day Bert Mobil biogas demo plant starting now

Covid 19 has delayed our biogas demo plant in  Sri City, by more than 15 months.  But now the plant is going to be commissioned. This plant will produce 5 kW electric and 12 kW thermic with 1 TPD of substrate (food waste). This plant is also available as fully containerized and self-containing unit, in a 40’ container. Leasing is available for this plant starting from about 0,5 Lakh ( about 500 USD) per month.

Foundation for 1 ton per day Bert Mobil biogas plant demo with food waste in Sri City, India


Foundation for 1 ton per day Bert Mobil biogas plant demo with foodwaste in Sri City, India

Bert Mobil demo plant

Mai 2020:

1 TPD Bert Mobil biogas plant demo with food waste in Sri City, India

Our 1 ton per day demo plant with food waste was 80% finished when Covid stopped the world. Now we will finish it and in July we will present it. Visitors should come to Chennai from where we will take you to Sri City, where the demo is located. Details will follow.

Bert 800 qm – 100 kW Biogas Plant in Japan

Picture thanks to Benears

First Bert 100 kW Running in Japan

September 2019:

First Bert 100 kW Running in Japan

The first Bert biogas system is in operation in Japan. In combination with pig slurry and other biowaste, electricity, heat and a fine fertilizer are produced. The 800 m3 digester is working with a TEDOM 100 kW CHP near Matsuyama. Benears, our Franchise Partner in Matsuyama has built this Bert Biogas plant and is operating the plant now. Now, since the first Bert is built and running in Japan, we look forward to the next projects. Congratulation Benears team!


New Bert Franchise Partner in Holland

July 2019:

New Bert Franchise Partner in Holland

We are welcoming Tesla Eco Systems, a Dutch company in Haarlem to our Bert Franchise Partner Family. Tesla Eco Systems are presenting various technologies to solve the most urgent issues of our times. “The aim is to invent, create and build systems that will help eliminate the problems that arise due to fast growing welfare.”

Tesla Eco Systems will focus on sales and service of Bert Mobil products in the Netherlands.

Visit in Poland with German-Polish Chamber of Commerce

March 2019:

Looking for new Franchise Partners in Poland!

Next week, 25-28.3.2019 Bert Energy GmbH will participate at a conference from the German-Polish Chamber of Commerce. We will meet and visit 10 companies, interested in our biogas solutions. Focus will be Bert Mobile Containerized Biogas Solutions. We are looking forward to finding new Franchise Partners in Poland. Meet us in Warsaw.

Consórcio de desenvolvimento regional promove workshop sobre gestão ambiental

February 2019:

Consortium for Regional Development promotes Workshop on Environmental Management

February 6th Bert was invited to present in Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to representatives of CIDENNF and CONASI bert biogas concept. We were presenting this in combination with Kankyo’s Plasma Technology, since the problems of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in Brazil are serious. Participants reacted very interested and follow up talks have been initiated. CONASI is representing over 5.000 cities and communities in several states in Brazil. More about CIDENNF: and the meeting you find here:

First Bert Biogas Plant in Brazil: Frigorífico El’Golli

February 2019:

First Bert Biogas Plant in Brazil: Frigorífico El’Golli

El’Golli, a slaughterhouse company in Santa Catarina, Brazil, has decided to build a Bert biogas plant. Permitting has already started for a Bert 1.000 qm with 200 KW CHP. El’Golli has cow slurry from the feed lots and slaughterhouse waste which provides a perfect substrate. The electrical energy is used locally 100% to reduce the energy bill. The thermal energy is also used 100% in the steam house. The produced fertilizer will quickly find loyal customers. El’Golli will reduce his energy bill and improving the green food-print of the company. Bert do Brazil and El’Golli want to show other slaughterhouse companies in Brazil how to be more energy efficient and a greener company.



New Bert Franchise Partner in Korea! 

January 2019:

New Bert Franchise Partner in Korea!

Bert Franchise Partners are welcoming EnerBio, from Korea. EnerBio is focusing on Bert Mobil products from the beginning. A first project with 10 tons of pig slurry and pig manure per day looks very attractive. A digestate treatment plant will be included, to solve the problems with digestate in Korea.



Master Franchise License signed for India!

December 2018:

Master Franchise License signed for India!

Kankyo Cleantech India Pvt. Ltd. has signed with Bert Energy India Pvt. Ltd. a Master Franchise License for the containerized Bert Mobil products. Kankyo also has signed an OEM license agreement, to produce Bert Mobil products for Bert Energy India. Kankyo will focus in the Indian market, while Bert India will export Bert Mobil products.

Cold Chain Show in Mumbai Dec. 13-15. 2018

Bert Biogas at the Cold Chain Show in Mumbai

December 2018:

Bert and Kankyo presenting Bert Mobil in Mumbai at the Cold Chain Show

The Cold Chain Show in Mumbai is the power center of the cold chain industry. Bert mobile will be presented for refrigeration and deep-freezing solutions. This is a rather new application for biogas and only becomes available through the Bert Mobile Biogas technology. Join us in Mumbai Dec 13-15. 2018 Stall No. P-7 Hall No.4.

Bert 800-100kW in Matsuyama / Japan

First Bert build in Japan

October 2018:

The first bert is being built in Japan by our Bert Franchise Partner Benears. In Matsuyama, a bert 800 qm has been build to use biowaste from different sources to produce biogas for 100 KW electricity with the TEDOM CHP. Permitting and Taifunes have delayed the project so that the commissioning will be next year.

Product Launch: BIGASTORE

Containerized Biogas Plant for Power and Space Cooling

September 2018:

The idea is to reduce food waste in India because cooling is missing. Bert and Kankyo are presenting in Chennai together this new product. This product will use waste food and other biomass to produce a cooling for food and other products. The idea is to reduce food waste because of lack of cooling. The demonstration plant, that soon will be ready to start at Koyambedu vegetable market in Chennai was developed with Fraunhofer UMSICHT, ago, Bert, Kankyo and AHIMSA. All partners want to demonstrate that food waste can be reduced by adequate cooling by using waste biomass.

All interested parties are welcome to the BIGASTORE launch meeting on Tuesday 25th September 2018 at: ABK AOTS DOSOKAI, 3F Chateu D’Ampa Bldg, 37 Nelson Manickam Road, Aminjikarai, Chennai.

Bert Energy India Pvt. Ltd founded

June 2018:

We are proud to announce, that Bert Energy GmbH has founded Bert Energy India Pvt. Ltd. This shows Bert’s commitment to the Indian market as well as the whole South East Asian region. Together with Indian partners Bert is evaluating all options to enter the Indian market. Bert Energy India will sell the containerized products, Bert Mobile, to all Bert Franchise Partners globally.

Effective Heat Exchanger

June 2018:

Slurry heat exchangers are special and therefore engineers don’t know much about it. Digestate usually is about 40°C-50°C and this heat could be perfectly used to heat up the substrate for the biogas plant or even other liquids. Bert Energy GmbH has signed a cooperation agreement with DDI Heat Exchangers Inc. DDI Heat Exchangers are proven technology, affordable and very low maintenance. DDI can make the Bert technology even more attractive, because more energy is available for our customers.

Delivery of First Bert Mobil Container

April 2018:

The first Bert Mobil Container / Digester (BD) has been produced and is ready to go. We are planning to start production in India and Brazil to serve local and regional demands. The second container (TC) will hold the CHP and all technical components. With these 2 containers we can offer a pre- manufactured biogas plant, ready to go. With biogas from this Bert Mobil 7-15 kW electricity can be produced. Since this is a modular system, bigger CHP’s can be operated. We look forward to open new market segments and offering new opportunities for our franchise partners.

Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil invites Bert Energy

We are glad to be invited and to participate at the last Matchmaking Mission in 2017 in Sao Paulo (21-24.11.2017). We appreciate the opportunity of meeting potential franchise partners. Also we will visit interested customers with first projects on hand to jointly evaluate the next steps. Brazil has abundance of biomass which can be used to produce green energy. Bert wants to help to make Brazil a cleaner place.

EU-Brazil Green Business Forum in Sao Paulo 27-28 November

The Delegation to the European Union to Brazil is pleased to welcome Bert Energy GmbH to participate at the EU-Brazil Green Business Forum, November 27-28, 2017 in São Paulo. This Forum focus on potential support for the first projects in Brazil. Bert Energy is proud to present these projects with their Brazilian Franchise Partners.

Bert mobil: 40’ digester in container

For a joint project with Fraunhofer UMSICHT we will convert now a 40‘container in a fully equipped digester. This digester will be part of an installation for India. The Indian project is to reduce food waste by keeping the food chilled. The biogas produced in the 40’container will be used in the annexed 40’container serving as a cool store. The cold is produced by an absorption chiller, powered by biogas, coming from food waste and other biomass substrates. This 40’ container / digester could be the solution where the feed-in tariff (FIT) is not interesting.

Franchise Partners found at Low Carbon EU Brazil!

There was a huge interest at Low Carbon Agriculture about Bert farm size biogas. Biogas is quite different in Brazil compared to EU. The Bert technology is substantially different then covered lagoons. 5 cooperation partnership agreements (CPA) have been signed. This is the start of the Brazilian Bert family. With more than 5 million farmers the Brazilian market is a biomass heaven. Come and join the Bert team in Brazil!