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Franchise System

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Thomas Dory

bert concept is international and a global issue since there is slurry nearly everywhere as well as the need for energy. In 2010 we started the business in Germany as well as in the first international markets and today the global market offers the greatest growth potential. For this reason we have developed the Franchise Partner System.

Depending on the country, there is investment support for farm-sized biogas plants. This offers a great opportunity to start. Check with your local regulators for details. bert does not realy need subsidies to work efficiently – but it helps to start the franchise business.

Now many companies have the opportunity to get a licence to sell and service bert slurry AD plants. This allows us to use the energy of slurry, build up a strong brand name and protect the environment.

Agricultural builders and traders, Farm Cooperatives, civil engineers, and many other professions can acquire a Franchise license and offer bert to their existing clients. If you are interested to join the successful bert Franchise Partner Team contact us.

Since 2012 over 140 plants have been build globally by our Franchise Partner Team. COME AND JOIN OUR GREAT TEAM!