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Our Philosophy

Germany has 200 million tonnes of slurry annually representing an energy value of 5,000 MWh or several nuclear power plants. In the EU 2008 more than 930 million tonnes of pig slurry are produced. There must be over 2 billion tonnes of slurry in the EU which represent some 50 GWh – unused energy. Our goal is to make use of this „free fuel“ and extract the energy, reduce the oder and produce a potent bio-fertilizer. Since slurry is a global issue we decided from the beginning in 2010 to make our technology available to many other companies globally by a Franchise Partner System. This means that bert systems are build globally by our Franchise Partners.

Corporate Concept

Bert Energy GmbH is the holder of patents and rights and acts as Franchisor. Together with our global Franchise Partners we propagate the bert brand and concept. Bert Energy GmbH itself does not build plants but works with Franchise Partners to build bert plants locally.

The Franchise Partner Systems allows insiders and even industry outsiders to enter the biogas market with a unique mass product. Companies which are today already trading in the agricultural sector can expand their scope of business by taking a bert license. The Franchise Partner System allows a fast global market penetration. Since 2010 we have done this successfully, check Franchise System to see the development.

Agricultural builders and traders, Farm Cooperatives, civil engineers, and many other professions can acquire a Franchise license and offer bert to their existing clients. If you are interested to join the successful bert Franchise Partner Team contact us.

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