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Bert Mobil

Bert Mobil (BM) are containerized biogas plants. This allows to industrially pre-manufacture biogas plant. BM will be delivered by trucks and can be installed within 3-5 days. Industrial manufacturing allows us to offer attractive prices. Leasing is available for this plant starting from about 0,5 Lakh in India ( or about 500 USD) per month.

BM is ideal for food waste, animal slurry starting from 1 – 15 to/day, producing 1,5-75 kW. Annually this means 12.900 – 559.000 kWh. All other biomass can be used too! BM offer many applications next to power productions: space cooling, refrigeration, heating and compressed biogas (CBG). The digestate is a non-smelly valuable fine fertilizer.

BM can be combined with a digestate treatment plant, if digestate can not be used as fertilizer. Check FAQ for more details.

Bert MINI is even smaler than BM and starts with 100 KG of biomass per day. Next sizes are 250 and 500 KG. These models usually have no CHP and are ideal for producing cooking gas. Universities, Colleges etc can now process their kitchen waste and give students the opportunity to learn on campus about biogas. Ideal is MINI also for hotels and restaurants that want to save on LPG / reduce hot water cost.

GENSET operators can now add BM to save on fossil fuels. This will reduce the Genset OPEX. Gensets need to be retrofitted to dual fuel in order to burn biogas. Up to 70% of Diesel can be saved with our retrofit set.

BM is ideal for hotels, restaurants, canteen, dairy farms, food industry and waste water treatment plants as well as remote areas and off grid locations. Leasing is also now an option. For more details check the product pdf :   bert mobile fact sheet (pdf) 

Check out our video about the 1 TPD food waste Bert Mobil plant in Sri City  Andhra Pradesh, India. Video link klick here For more details check videos 1-4:  

Overview of the Sri City plant layout             Data sheet for bert mobile:  Bert Mobile Product Overview (pdf) 

Bert Mobile 40′ Container / Digester

Bert Mobil 60-15